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G E T T I N G  S T A R T E D


If you’re a new client,

The following 4 forms must be printed, filled-out and signed before our counseling can begin.

The first 2 forms (1 and 2) will take approximately 10 minutes or so to complete.

The last 2 forms (3 and 4) will require your initials and signature(s) only.

Please keep a copy for your records and then bring your completed and signed copies

with you to our first appointment.

If you are seeking marital, premarital, or couples counseling, please download

and complete the following form:

If you would like me to coordinate care with another provider (for example,

your psychiatrist, primary care physician, etc.), complete this form:

If you are seeking family counseling with your under age child,

please download and complete the following form: 

I look forward to meeting with you soon. Make sure you complete the forms the best you can. Some answers you may choose to leave blank and we can discuss them in more detail when we get together. Thank you.

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